The Project Management Committee is Barbara Hogan, Lee Whalen, and Molly Shore. The Project Management Committee manages the operation of the Project under a Terms of Reference. Its responsibilities are to:

  1. Coordinate all aspects relevant to the Project to meet UNESCO requirements;
  2. Assist the Project Manager to manage data, and develop contracts, as necessary for the successful completion of the Project;
  3. Ensure coordination with the Parks Canada International Programs Office;
  4. Provide regular activity reports to the Advisory Committee;
  5. Provide recommendations to the Advisory Committee;
  6. Ensure the implementation of the Advisory Committee strategic direction;
  7. Develop and implement a communications and public engagement plan;
  8. Raise awareness about the Project and facilitate public engagement;
  9. Coordinate relations with the media;
  10. Recommend the establishment of Working Groups as deemed necessary; and
  11. Coordinate the activities of any Working Groups.